“Consider your ways…” from “Be a Witness” sermon series

“Consider your ways…” from “Be a Witness” sermon series

In a New York Times article from May of 2016 entitled “the Choice Explosion” the author David brooks wrote,


“America is experiencing “a choice explosion.  Americans now have more choices over more things than any other culture in human history. We can choose between a broader array of foods, media sources, lifestyles, and identities.” In some ways this is a positive trend, but Brooks also cautions that it is “becoming incredibly important to learn to decide well.”


This article reminded me of a truth found in the book of Haggai.   Haggai’s message, was a message to the Israelites to in essence, learn to ‘Decide well’.  He spoke of their ill-fated decisions and their results of those decisions.    God was looking not for a people who ‘performed’ well, but for a people who genuinely looked to Him for everything.  God had noticed the Israelites conflict of interest. Years before the Israelites had begun to rebuild the temple –but due to difficulties, persecution and hardships – they had decided that God didn’t want the temple built.  So, like many of us today, they went about to tending to their own homes and lives.


And so God told the Israelites,  [7] “Thus says the LORD of hosts: Consider your ways.” (Haggai 1:7 ESV)


Understand, Haggai saw the temple complete and done. Haggai saw the Israelites barns and storage bins full. Haggai saw their crops plush and plentiful.   Haggai saw a people who were living under the blessing of God – because they loved God as God intended them to love Him.  Haggai saw a nation that was once again – the jewel of God’s eye.


Today I want to tell you, God sees you as he has created you to be – The Jewel of His eye.  Won’t you ‘consider your ways’ today?  Is God receiving your first and best, or are you simply giving Him your leftovers and expecting His blessing?


Final thought, what makes the difference between the anointing of God and his hand of blessing being withheld?   Answer: Priorities.


It is increasingly important in this day and age, to learn to ‘consider our ways’.


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