Purposeful Investment

Jesus in all he did, in all he taught, in all he was, lived a lifestyle of purposeful investment. Purposeful investment.  A good way I think to think about purposeful investment is to think about a garden/ perhaps your garden.  Early in the spring you get the soil ready. You take your tiller out, fill […]

God’s Heart… People

Happy New Year!  Did you know God has a purpose and a plan for your life? He desires for your life something different.  He desires that you would become ‘transformed’ into His image.  I hope to help you with that and I hope you desire that as well. That being said, as the New Year […]

“One Month to Live” Nationwide Campaign

I want to introduce you to our new sermon series I have been preaching at Lakeview Community church.  It is a set of messages that belong to a nationwide campaign entitled, “One month to Live – Thirty days to a no-regrets life.”  Pastor Kerry and Chris Shook authored this book and messages some ten years […]

“Consider your ways…” from “Be a Witness” sermon series

In a New York Times article from May of 2016 entitled “the Choice Explosion” the author David brooks wrote,   “America is experiencing “a choice explosion.  Americans now have more choices over more things than any other culture in human history. We can choose between a broader array of foods, media sources, lifestyles, and identities.” […]

Being a ‘Believer’ and ‘Living’ Faithful

Recently I have started going through an old devotional with my wife.  The devotional’s Title is “My Utmost for His Highest”.  The September 18th devotional talked about temptation.   Here in this devotional Oswald Chambers shed a bit of light on temptation’s purpose.  Temptation is often equated with the result- sin. Sin’s result, is separation from […]