Purposeful Investment

Purposeful Investment

Jesus in all he did, in all he taught, in all he was, lived a lifestyle of purposeful investment. Purposeful investment.  A good way I think to think about purposeful investment is to think about a garden/ perhaps your garden.  Early in the spring you get the soil ready. You take your tiller out, fill it up with gas and begin to till your plot. It’s not too hot out, but you’re sweating and working hard.  As your tilling your plot you move the rocks, twigs and other obstructions that might get caught in the tines of your tiller.  As you move across your plot, your feet despite being encased in your shoes, begin to feel the loose soil beneath you.  The more you get done, the harder it is to walk in the freshly tilled soil.  When your finished tilling, you begin to plant seeds in rows, each to its own kind, marking each row – with just the right amount of space between rows so that weeding in the weeks ahead will be much easier.  Afterwards, you turn on the sprinkler over your plot so that the soil is ready to begin to incubate your freshly planted seeds.  Later over the next few weeks, in the heat, wet and cool of summer…you separate the weeds from the plants, one by one, by hand, row by row.  Why?  So when the plant bears fruit, its fruit is the very best that it could be for nothing came in the way of its growth, nothing came in the way of its maturity. 

In the same way, Jesus’ investment in you and I, looks a lot like a garden he cares for. In fact, it was how He did life.  He purposely invested in those around him.

Throughout the Gospels we can see Jesus investing in others for their good.  In every way: emotionally, physically and spiritually.   The apostle Paul in Philippians 2 tells us of Jesus and how He lived life.   

In looking Philippians 2 we are told Jesus looked not only to our own interests, but the interests of others. In other words, don’t just look, strategize, work towards, our own happiness; but the look for, strategize, work towards the happiness of others.

 To put this another way, make the ‘good’ of others your focus, strategy and work. Make ‘this’ your happiness.

As you ponder these thoughts, what might your life be like if you were to live as Jesus lived – with purposeful investment into others?